IPSE Studies  mainly focuses on scientific research with a strong empirical character. This research consists of quantitative analyses of the effects of policy and management on the efficiency of the public services. The scope of research consists of the whole public sector, varying from education and health to policing and infratsructures.

Policy research focuses on questions of economies of scale, market structures, funding, regulation, public-private, collaborations and bureaucracy.

Management research focuses primarily on the internal operations of public services and the role of innovations in this. Operational management is about questions regarding human resources policy, IT policies, strategies on procurement, outsourcing and various forms of cooperation.

Ipse Studies researchers publish in leading scientific journals with high impact factors. It also provides a contribution to the international scientific knowledge about the productivity of the public sector. The foundation supervises PhD students writing their thesis. The ambition is to stay close to the state-of-the-art of the science in this area.