IPSE Studies regularly organizes masterclasses on productivity measurement of the public sector. Spread over two days, participants can take note of the main concepts and notions from the theory of productivity measurement. Groups are sized around 10-15 participants and involve substantial effort by participants. After the masterclass, participants are able to conceptually set-up productivity research and to critically assess productivity analyses in general.In addition to the described masterclass, two additional master classes have been developed. The second focuses on empirical applications such as SFA and DEA, while the second focuses specifically on the economics and effects of upscaling and mergers in the public sector.

Available master classes:

  1. Productivity measurement in the public sector: an introduction;
  2. Productivity measurement: empirical methods and applications;
  3. The economics of scale and mergers in the public sector.

Previous masterclasses were attended by policy officials of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom relations, researchers from the Netherlands Court of Audit, employees of the Dutch tax office and the payroll office Dyade.

Interested organizations can contact Mw. Rachel Kievit (06-22652454 or