Institute for Public Sector Efficiency Studies
IPSE Studies aims to promote research of public sector efficiency and effectiveness in the Netherlands as to contribute to policy discussions on the efficient organization of the public sector. The foundation coordinates scientific research and consultancy, maintains intensive (international) contacts with both policy and scientific communities and communicates its research through publications and the organization of seminars and conferences. Read more about the expertise of IPSE.

IPSE Is looking for an intern (position, basic Dutch proficiency required)

Time series and policy research
IPSE analyzes productivity developments on the basis of time series analysis. How has productivity evolved over the years, and what has policy contributed? In recent years, historical cost and output indicators were mapped for large parts of the Dutch public sector.
Productivity of public policy
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Database Trends in Public Sector
Cross-sectional and management research
IPSE also performs cross-sectional or benchmark research. The key aim usually is to identify best-practices. These studies cover a shorter time period but are based on the comparison of institutions such as schools or municipalities. Examples of research topics include HR policies, purchasing strategies and various forms of cooperation.
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